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4 Best Christian Books for Toddlers

I didn't grow up in the church or knowing Jesus so as you can imagine becoming a believer has flipped my life upside down for the better. I am often learning with our girls and it's so cool to watch Olivia's love for Jesus grow daily. I will tell you that we don't do much screen time (if at all) - so the bible has become her favorite stories, like she's reading the best book ever - and she is! It's what she acts out when she pretend plays and where she finds her heros. We read a lot now that we are a homeschool family but before bedtime is where these get the most action. While she has a bookshelf full of "regular" books - she will 99% of the time ask for bible stories. These books are our four most read in our home and what has really helped scribe the word in her heart.

These books would make great Easter Basket stuffers, Christmas gifts or even a special just because gift for your little!

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