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Our family travels quite a bit with our girls and I am always in search of ways to make things more efficient and more comfortable for us all. Flights these days now come with a higher possibility of delays and I wanted to make the trip thought the airport + waiting with a baby and a toddler easier.

I looked into double strollers but that didn't seem like a good fit. I was looking for a space that would carry both girls, can be used for them to lay down, play, eat while going through big airports. We live in Denver and even when we have direct flights + pre-check it takes us nearly an hour to get from the door to our gate.

Now, to find the perfect wagon. I looked at the trendy Wanderfold Wagons and wow, the prices were astronomical. Now, even if I could justify the prices they aren't travel efficient with as much as they weigh. So normally, I checked amazon and went down the long list of wagons + reviews. I found it, the most affordable, light travel wagon stroller! It folds up super compact and weighs about 30lbs. Comes with 4 cup holders plus the caddy on the handle, a sun roof and so smooth to drive.

I added a few accessories to hold more bags and a cover for protection to check at the gates. This wagon was tried + tested this weekend when our first flight was delayed and what was supposed to be an easy morning flight turned into 3 connections and a 12 hr travel day with the girls. They got us through many airports, the girls rested, played and had lunch on it while we navigated a crazy day.

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