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Homeschool organization for small spaces

We are currently in the design process (so close to starting to build) our custom home, where we will have a designated homeschool room but for now in our rental, we have a very small space. I wanted to try to fit everything I am using for preschool in one cart but when I went to look for some, they were all so small and narrow.

I dug a bit more after not finding what I wanted and I found it, here is the

This was a game changer, so now I am able to fit everything we use daily in this cart and roll it out next to our kitchen table every morning.

On the top tier:

I keep my curriculum teacher manuals, I am currently using the My Father's World preschool and also pulling from The Good and The Beautiful Kinder Prep book.

I plan lessons weekly and I love using this super Cute Pink Weekly Notepad to list out what I will be doing in order and check them off as I go with the lesson.

Our Morning Board, I printed it at FedEx and laminated it with my very own Pink Laminator and I highly recommend you get one for the homeschool years. It's fairly inexpensive and you will use it so much. Also, used Velcro Dots to adhere them.

On the middle tier:

Here I keep a 360 degree Pencil Holder that I set out on the table daily.

Yes, I got pretty Pink & gold No.2 Pencils

On the bottom tier:

Here I keep fun games and extra supplies.

Especially for preschool I like to keep Buttons & Dice on hands, yes I found pink ones. You see the pattern? All pink everything.

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