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Homeschool Setup

With this being our first year homeschooling, I have already chucked it up to a learning year. Thankfully, it's just preschool and turns out that 3 year olds are full of grace. I was overwhelmed planning lessons and pulling things the night before that I need a way to visualize it more efficiently.

I got this tray at the dollar store and it's been a hit! I plan my lessons once a week and add all the items I'll need the night before, including all of the pieces for our Daily Board. Because we are renting a home that has very little light downstairs & Sofia (7 months old) naps downstairs it puts our homeschool in the kitchen table. I love setting up the night before & just adding this tray on the table when we are ready to start in the morning.

Olivia gets super excited every morning to check out what is on this tray. She knows all the fun it contains, especially when she sees we're making puppets. Little secret...we always make puppets. ha. Preschool is so fun.

Here are some of my favorite supplies I use to plan:

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