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Homeschool Spanish, Preschool

Once we began our homeschool journey, I immediately knew I wanted to incorporate a large part of our lessons to learning and eventually becoming fluent in Spanish. I am a native Spanish speaker, it was actually my first language being born in Cuba. It's super important to me that our girls be fluent and able to communicate with their grandparents.

While I am fluent in Spanish by no means did I feel ready to teach it. I set out on the search for a Spanish curriculum and the choices were slim. I landed on The Spanish Mama's website. I previewed her curriculum and was amazed. I purchased the rest of the units immediately. If you're not ready to invest and simply want to expose your kids to the language - check out her site anyway. It is FULL of videos, freebie activities, the works! I will say, I don't think our world views align, BUT as a native Spanish speaker, I am highly impressed. at her curriculum for preschoolers.

Here is an example of how we're tackling speaking Spanish together. The curriculum comes with the most clever printable activities to motivate a toddler to speak Spanish - something Olivia is not excited to do sometimes. These "pollitos" (little chicks) puppets were a hit. The night before I cut them out (eventually I will have her cut them out herself), prepped them with popsicle sticks and tape on our morning round bin. Then they were ready for her to tape together in the morning. We started by asking each pollito what their name was and responding, how are you, ect. all in Spanish.

This ended up being so fun for her that she wanted to keep playing and even asked if we could dress them up. I quickly grabbed some construction paper and added bows, dresses and shirts as she asked. This was a great opportunity for more vocabulary words, laso, vestidos y camisas. If she wanted to keep adding things she had to talk in Spanish.

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