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How we cure our kid's cold naturally, in one day

I know the catchy tagline seems wild, so let me explain. I am an anxious mama by nature and sick babies are my kryptonite, so if this is you too - I am with you. Now, the past few years our family has had a major awakening to the abuse of pharmaceuticals by 'medical professionals' and well, us. Any small headache, or even preventative to pain we would take a pain reliever and of course had all the children's versions on deck for cold season. This is not how we operate anymore. I am a firm believer that you pay a price for anything you put into your body. Just watch to any commercial advertising for a medication and listen closely for the horrifying side effects. Weighing out the illness versus the 'cure' is what we do.

I said it. I am going more holistic with our medication and will not take Tylenol or ibuprofen, ect. Now what? A few months back at the start of cold and flu season I was caught unprepared. Our then 4 month old baby girl, Sofia came down with a massive cold and Olivia, 3 years old, followed. I scrambled to find any homeopathic remedies, even drove to an urgent care, but by the time we got there it was closed. Thank The Lord, Sofia was sleeping and feeling better. Eight days later we were on the mend, oh yes - of course mama got sick too.

After we were better, and looking back at the situation, I knew that I could never feel that anxiety again. So, I prepared. I dug, researched and googled to build my arsenal, my holistic medication arsenal.

All of these remedies have been used for 5+ different occasions, my girls, us, grandma who came down with a cold upon visiting and let me tell you I will never be without. This is what I do at the very first sign of a runny nose.

I bought our family a nebulizer, I was amazed you could just get your own over the counter. You can, here is my recommendation: get a Nebulizer with a kid's and adult mask because not all come with children's masks. This is my favorite product and I will buy stock in it if I could, Colloidal Silver Liquid. I will add links on the bottom of the benefits of Colloidal Silver, it's a natural substance and has been used for hundreds of years for many aliments.

What I've done: I add the Colloidal Silver right into the nebulizer. For Sofia who is only 7 months old I will do about 5 minutes, use the kids mask and place it in front of her face and follow her wobbly little face around making sure she's inhaling some of it. Olivia who is 3.5 years old, she will just wear the kid's mask comfortably for about 10 minutes and I'll give her a bit of screen time which is rare in our home so it's a treat. At the sign of sickness I will nebulize the girls 3 times a day.

Our experience: After that horrific first cold of the season, a few weeks later sure enough the girls both came down with runny noses, Olivia had a fever and was very lethargic. I grabbed our new remedies and nebulized them both. I was sure we were in for another sleepless, sick week indoors. The next day BOTH girls work up like nothing ever happened. I was shocked and thought maybe it was just a coincidence. This happened again a few more times, with the same results. I have also done it when feeling like the girls have passed on something to me and my body is fighting something, and I had the same result. The next day I wake up 100% better. A month ago my mother-in-law visited us in Colorado and as soon as she landed she had a horrific cough and could not get out of bed, she skipped coming to church with us. I busted out the nebulizer and Colloidal Silver and gave them to her. The next day, cough was gone and the rest of her vacation she was back to normal.

Now I am not a medical expert or saying this has magical powers BUT our experience has been incredible, that is now our go to remedy when any cold symptoms come up.

Fever & Pain: As an anxious mama it's really hard to accept that fevers are natural part of the healing process. Nothing worst than watching your babies suffer in the middle of the night. Things we do to manage:

  • Epson Salt baths with a few drops of Lavender or Roman Chamomile Essential Oils.

  • Apple Cider Vinegar baths

  • Whole fruit popsicles

  • Cold compresses

But, my favorite remedy for pain & as an anti-inflammatory. Since we've stopped taking any kinda of pain medication I was dreading the return of my cycle after having Sofia. I typically have horrific cramps and was used to popping Ibuprofen like candy during these days. I found a wonderful company who makes a natural Pain reliever / anti-Inflammatory blend and I bought it to have on deck "just in case". This just in case came and I was in excruciating pain, as normal so I took two dropper fulls of The Wild Holistic "The Healing Body" and I was shocked at the result. Within 30 mins I was almost pain free. Sold. After I had taken it a few times I gave it to Olivia to ease her body aches from a fever in the middle of the night, she was able to sleep better and fever broke the next day (this was her first one day cold, after nebulizing the silver).

Another remedy I felt I saw good results were the Boiron Cold Calm Baby Drops - these were great for Sofia when small and dried up her runny nose.

I want to encourage all the mamas (and dads) to do what feels right for your family. We have been programed for so long that we NEED all the medicine and a physician to tell us what is best for our children. I want to set you free of that thought. You and you alone are able to make these big decisions for your children. Modern medicine is amazing but currently abused. We are more medicated and sicker than we've ever been - something isn't right here and we just felt lead to make this big change.

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