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Out and about bag with kids, essentials

With the fall season approaching and all the back to school action, come all the bags to pack. For us homeschooling parents, we can enjoy those rich, slow mornings and our days might look a bit different but wether it's sports, dance classes, Awana, ect - come the bags to prepare.

We are currently doing Kindergarten year for our oldest Olivia and I have a baby who is 1, Sofia. I know some homeschool families choose to not do extra curricular but, I really do love taking our girls to Olivia's activities, and both girls in the next few years.

Our school days are Monday-Friday, where our lessons take up about an hour to an hour and half. This is very typical for the little years. Olivia is currently in a combo class at a dance studio where she does Ballet/Tap/Gymnastics, Swim class, Awana on Wednesday nights and I go to the gym 5 days a week in the afternoon. As you can see, this means LOTS of trips out with the girls. Not to mention, park + play dates, ect.

This bag system I've established has been amazing for keeping organized and having everything I need for a baby + big girl at arms reach. Snacks, waters, and sometimes lunches/dinners on the go!

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