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How to get your baby + toddler to sleep 12 hours every night.

The topic of baby sleep is one I am so passionate about! I mean, motherhood is so hard already that being rested is so important to take on the days. When my husband and I started thinking about having children, like they Type-A planners we are (ok, mostly me) we discussed some things that were super important for us to try to achieve. Now, as you can guess sleep was on the very top.

I dug into the research and tried to pick a plan that I liked the most. The market is super saturated with lots of "sleep training" courses and "methods" that it was a bit overwhelming at first but once I landed on Moms on Call - we never looked back.

What drew me in instantly was that these books and programs were written by a Believer who was a Pediatric Nurse & has 5 children of her own. The books are so well written, simple and even have schedule pages for quick follow along. As a busy mom, reading giant books isn't something I have time for so these are amazing. They have stayed on my kitchen counter for 4 years now because I do reference them often.

After following their method with our oldest daughter Olivia, who is now 4 - she slept 12 hours through the night at 8 weeks and NEVER looked back. Now, we have Sofia who is now 1 years old and when I was pregnant with her we knew we would do the exact same thing and we had so much negative parenting warning us how we "just got lucky". Don't listen. If you put in the work at the beginning you will see the fruits. Sofia slept 12 hours through the night at 8 weeks as well and same story, always has.

Tip #1 - Start early.

The books will give you guidelines on when to start and of course this only applies to healthy, full term babies. I know you may be tired but don't put it off in our experience. We started to follow the schedule at around 4-5 weeks.

Tip #2 - Don't give up. Push through when it's tough, trust me.

Listen, keeping a newborn awake is HARD. Yes, it might be easier to let the baby sleep 6 hours straight during the day or letting them go back to sleep after a feeding but DON'T. Follow the schedule, pour into your baby early on and these habits will last forever. In 4 years we have not had a "sleepless" night. Yes, we've had illnesses, we've traveled, ect - but never a sleepless night because these sleep habits are second nature to her.

The books offer you so much confidence too. As a new parent listening to your baby be uncomfortable is heart breaking but parenting with truth and not fear is a game changer.

"As parents, it’s our responsibility to instruct our children while their hearts are open. And that starts with parenting confidently out of truth, not fear! – Laura Hunter + Jennifer Walker

Tip #3 - Consistency is key.

Follow the schedule, as close to it as you can and repeat over and over. Just don't give up even when it's hard and you're tired, think about getting 10 hours of sleep at night if you want. That is a game changer for parents. You can have it too.

Your baby can sleep all night too.

If you are struggling with sleep for your littles or you're thinking about growing your family, I couldn't recommend these books enough! Check out the Moms on Call website as they have more programs and even one on one help if you'd like. I use these books even for discipline and other tips. If you have any questions about our personal journey with these methods reach out, I LOVE chit chatting and geeking out about baby sleep, ect.

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