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Top 3 Books for the Christian Homeschooling Mama

I had to start with this one! It's such a short, good read that I think I will make it a habit to read this at the beginning of every school year, and maybe in that stale middle too.

"Your daily grind is your Holy ground" - ugh, so good!

One of my excuses on repeat before I made the decision to homeschool was - "I am not trained to be a teacher". I have a sweet friend who is an actual teacher turned homeschool mama and she recommended this book. We are really focused on tailoring our children's schooling to their learning style and this was such a good read for that purpose.

One more I just loved and could be a yearly read for us gearing up to start a new year or that stale middle. Such a great reminder that our strength comes from God and we can't handle it alone, but we can with Him.

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